Vitality Male Enhancement Increase Your Sex Power & Stamina

I work in a gym and the guys regularly ask about the latest product on the market like Vitality Male Enhancement. A friend of theirs recommended it and knowing that I have experimented with supplements in the past and being their go-to trainer they turned to me for advice. Though I have not completely given up on supplements, I do have a liver problem which prevents me from experimenting too much wit supplements at this point. Still, knowing that if I do not give them an answer they will blindly experiment without doing the proper research I told them I’d help.

About Vitality Male Enhancement:

This supplement is a scientifically advanced, as per the official website, and has numerous great benefits. Among many others it helps regulate your natural levels of androgen ensuring that you stay more energetic while helping you build new muscle mass and even keeping up your libido up. Though there are four active ingredients one stands out the most. This is Tongkat Ali and is known to be a powerful herbal substance. It helps keep hormones balanced while regulating levels of androgen. Also, the official website notes that if you take steroids it would be very beneficial. It aids in the reduction of SHBG’s ensuring that your body is less responsive when levels of testosterone get too high.

The Vitality Male Enhancement website notes that if you regularly take this supplement combined with a regular workout you will experience results in just a couple of weeks as the levels of free testosterone in your body will rise. Also, unlike Clomid it has the ability to save/preserve your non-cycle gains greatly, thus making it very beneficial. It can be combined with free testosterone boosting supplements and even has beneficial effects on how they work.

As the official website claim that this supplement is completely safe they note that you can take it long-term without any problem. In fact, they claim that the longer you take it the better the results you will have. Comparing the key ingredient Tongkat Ali to “Herbal HCG” and even perhaps a herbal version of Clomid due to its ability to continuously stimulate HTPA by ensuring that natural androgen levels are regulated the official website notes that their supplement will not similar to the way HCG and Steroids tend to.

Instructions to Taking the Supplement?

If you have taken supplements before then you know that it is fairly simple and straightforward. Take 2 tablets daily, but make sure you do it with a meal and drink plenty of water. Don’t forget to hydrate also right before and during your workout. In the end simply head to the gym and enjoy the benefits. On a side note from me. I recommend you speak with your doctor about taking any sort of supplement. Provide them with a list of the ingredients and make sure they are suitable for you.

What Does Vitality Male Enhancement Consist Of

I was very happy to find a list of ingredients in the official website. I have found in the past that this is actually quite rare. Not sure what they are hiding, but most websites that sell supplements simply do not have a list of ingredients making it very difficult to research and make a decision on whether their product is quality. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case with this supplement:

  • Maca Root (400 mg) ensures that your hormones are well balanced and keeps energy levels at their peak while improving your libido. I found no side effects listed.
  • Niacin (25 mg) aids athletes by maintaining the production of energy. There are side effects listed.
  • Tongkat Ali (100 mg) regulates natural androgen levels, keeps libido strong, and maintains energy levels. I found no side effects listed.
  • Zinc (13.4 mg) aids in muscle growth and supports fast recovery. There are side effects listed.

I have actually seen all of these ingredients in other supplements but not necessarily in this exact same combination. I have linked each ingredient to its WebMD page so you can read up on more details for them and find out what their possible side effects, uses, and recommendations are. I just want you to keep in mind that in most cases, natural or not, ingredients may pose side effects. This don’t necessarily mean you will experience them though, noting them is a precaution and for information purposes to know what to look out for.

List of Benefits you can Expect from Vitality Male Enhancement?

This part didn’t necessarily impress me in any way as I have seen a similar list time and again. It is nothing all too different from the other websites that I have reviewed in the past. Considering the ingredients in this supplement though, I could possibly believe that it will deliver on at least some.

  • Enhances Protein Synthesis
  • Amplifies your Endurance Threshold
  • Cuts Back on Recovery Time by Half
  • Improves Energy Levels
  • Encourages Metabolism
  • Reduces Fat Percent
  • Buying Vitality Male Enhancement

What I liked is that they were straight forward with at least the most part of their buying terms. They made sure that they note that this supplement comes with only a 14 day trial period right at the top of the page when you are ready to order and have entered your personal information. Though for the most part I think that such marketing schemes are scams, usually they work when this information is NOT provided. In this case I think that perhaps it could be different.

  • 14 Day Trial – starts from the day that you order the supplement
  • No Hidden Fees or Commitments – couldn’t find anything unnerving in their terms and conditions
  • $5.95 shipping and handling – you will receive a full 30 day supply but if you decide to cancel you must call for instructions on returning the remainder of the supplement
  • $79.95 Billed if Not Canceled by 14th Day – make sure you take note of the date and if possible call even a day or two before that
  • Enrolled in Auto Ship Program – $85.90 per month – even if they are straight forward about it I still don’t see why this is necessary
  • Cancel Anytime – they provide contact information at the official website where you can easily contact them and cancel your membership
  • I have to say, considering my hate for trial offers surprisingly this one didn’t completely turn me off.
  • Will I Recommend?

I steer clear of recommending any supplement to anyone. I am more than happy to provide any needed information but I certainly will not be the one recommending or discouraging anyone from a product. In the case of the guys at the gym what I will do is provide them with as much information on Vitality Male Enhancement and help them make the wisest decision for better results, bodies, and workouts.

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