RX1 Male Enhancement Reviews: Pills Price, Benefits, Side Effects! Buy Now!

RX1 Male Enhancement Review: Does it Work?

I recently discovered RX1 Male Enhancement which promises one of the two popular promises when it comes to male enhancement supplements. Although they do not promise that my penis will drastically grow double in size they do claim that it will increase my libido, give me harder erections, and allow me to stay hard longer. At least it’s not claiming that it would make my penis bigger as this would automatically lose me completely as a customer as there is no possible way a supplement can do that.

I am skeptical, I think that’s an understatement. Of course, there are supplements that can help improve the way I perform or perhaps help with erectile dysfunction but at this point after reviewing so many supplements in search for the one that gets the job done I have lost all hope in finding something that is actually effective.

Ingredients and How does RX1 Male Supplement Work?

Of course, the official website goes into detail on the numerous benefits of the supplement but they don’t provide any real information as to how it really works. Their claims of all natural and organic ingredients are repeated time and again and how their supplement is the best there is on the market. Aside from this, there is a complete lack of information. I was able to find something like a list of ingredients. It’s basically images of different herbs and names under it. No real information, no detail, no dosages. Just images and the names. I would have trusted a supplement facts sheet much more but this will have to do to see more or less what is in there.

Ingredients Include:

  • L-Arginine
  • Panax Ginseng
  • Polypodium Vulgare
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Lepidium Meyenii
  • Mucuna Gigantea
  • Epimedium
  • Tongkat Ali

Well, if RX1 Male Enhancement is not the first male enhancement supplement you are researching then most likely you have already seen these ingredients elsewhere. They are quite popular in the supplement world yet to date I have yet to take a supplement that has these ingredients that actually works. Unfortunately, most of the ingredients are not researched well enough to confirm their effectiveness, while others are proven ineffective. Some show signs of being possibly effective but still too little research is done on them to determine the safe and effective dose. Either way, they are nothing new under the sun and nothing that I haven’t seen already that has shown real results.

To get results, as per the official website, take 1 pill in the morning when you wake up and 1 in the evening with regular diet and exercise routines. It will then get to work restoring your stamina and improving your sex life. They claim the results are fast but nowhere do they note exactly how fast.

Other Reviews of RX1 Male Enhancement

Though finding reviews on RX1 Male Enhancement was rather simple I do have to note that finding real credible and truthful reviews has been near impossible. I have read blogs, comments, reviews, and websites and time and again they prove to be completely fake and done by paid writers. They do nothing but praise how this product has changed their life and you can even see identical reviews not only on various pages advertising or selling this product but also in a number of other products as well. You can easily spot these fake reviews, they sound more like advertisements in the same tone as the official website than real experience reviews.

I did try to find more reviews of more credible websites but unfortunately, nothing could be found.

Pros and Cons of RX1 Male Enhancement

Advantages of RX1 Male Enhancement

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Easy to take
  • Some ingredients may be effective

Disadvantages of RX1 Male Enhancement

  • Their claims are not backed by real information
  • They cite information about Yohimbe when it is not even in the list of ingredients
  • No real reviews from previous customers
  • Very shady trial offer

Where to Buy RX1 Male Enhancement

Well, I have tried to search high and low for this product in a number of trusted websites and in various supplement stores but unfortunately came up empty-handed. The only place that you can currently purchase it is through their free trial on the official website.

What is their Free Trial?

This is the moment where they usually completely lose me as a customer. RX1 Male Enhancement is available for purchase only through their “Free Trial” program where you pay only $4.95 for the shipping and handling. You then receive a 30 day supply of the product. Sounds great right!? Not at all. If you visit their page you will discover a much darker truth.

It turns out that once you order you have only 12 days to try the product which in itself is not enough time to actually see if a product is effective. Then if you don’t cancel your trial within the given 12 days you will automatically be charged for the full amount of the 30 day supply which is a whopping price of $139.97.

But that’s not all folks! If at that point you did not realize you were charged and sit on it a bit longer you will receive a new bottle of the RX1 Male Enhancement supplement out of the blue, and in turn, be charged $139.97 + $9.97 shipping and handling for it. This will continue every month until the day you call and finally cancel your “membership” program which is, as per their claims, developed for your convenience and to give you a discounted price.

This has been a problem for many of the people that have ordered from this and similar websites with similar free trials. If you are lucky you will catch the charge the first time around, while I have read some cases where it took them several months to realize they were being charged.

So, Buy or Don’t Buy RX1 Male Enhancement?

And you are still asking!? Ok, yes, some of the ingredients have proven to show some great benefits but many simply do not answer to the benefits and claims of the official website. I personally would have considered actually trying this supplement if it was slightly cheaper and did not have the “free trial” as the only option for purchase.

The complete lack of information and overall shady tactics of the official website I do feel that RX1 Male Enhancement is a scam.


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