Luna Trim Diet Reviews – Is It A Proficient Weight Loss Supplement?

Luna Trim: Cleanse your Body or your Pocketbook?

I personally think that Luna Trim is an effective supplement at least to an extent and when combined with a quality diet and a good workout. It is very important that you do not overlook this as the first and most important step towards weight loss is watching what you eat and exercising.

Unfortunately, regardless of how interesting the supplement seemed initially I actually think that the official website is far from it. The lack of information and the very shady auto-ship program I believe that this website is a complete scam and aside from making it look bad it does nothing more.

We have all heard how beneficial it is to do a body cleanse every once in a while to improve health and promote weight loss. Our bodies become clogged with a number of toxins coming from the food we eat, the toxins in the water, and in general the polluted life we live. I discovered while looking for a natural yet delicate cleaner that will help keep me feeling good and healthy all the while not cause me to spend a week in the bathroom.

Cleansers have become extremely popular recently as they have gained popularity as a weight loss option when in fact the goal is to simply clean your body of toxins. Though there is a chance you will lose some weight and since your body will be able to gain its nutrients better not requiring you to eat more than necessary for energy it is certainly not an option, or shouldn’t be the only option, for weight loss. The best way to lose weight is to work hard and eat healthily and supplements can simply help you achieve your goals faster and live a healthier life altogether.

What is Luna Trim?

This supplement is developed with the mere goal to help clean your body of toxins that have gathered in your colon. As a dietary supplement, it contains only all natural ingredients thus ensuring that you are not adding more chemicals and toxins in the meantime. It is also known to help boost metabolism as your colon will not be clogged up allowing improved regularity.

The official website claims that a cleaner is a key to a weight loss strategy but I can’t say I agree. I think it’s the key to a healthier life but when it comes to weight loss the key is good healthy food and regular workouts. In order for you to understand how it is effective, it is important to understand how your body processes toxins and fats and the process is kept under control.

While you eat your body is automatically programmed to convert the calories you consume into sugar which is also known as glucose. When you consume too many calories too much glucose is produced thus raising your sugar levels leading to a plethora of horrible health problems including diabetes. This alone is a good reason to do a cleanse every once in a while.

It works through its powerful natural ingredients which interact together to give you super results as per the official website. Aloe Vera is the key active ingredient that offers these great results. It is pretty popular in general for its laxative properties thus helping you cleanse your body of any excess toxins. When combined with the other active ingredients is a powerful cleanser. It helps detox the body and facilitate effective and healthy digestion.

Did you Know your Colon Has Parasites?

Many people don’t know that their colon has parasites. When you think about it it is perfectly understandable but certainly far from pleasant. It is actually very scary to think that it is possible that there are parasites in your colon but the sooner you realize the better. Generally, there are always parasites in your colon but they are generally good. When your colon contains too many toxins parasites form and through their process of living there they excrete a mucus which engulfs the whole colon thus preventing nutrients from being absorbed. This, in turn, causes you to consume more nutrients in order to stay energized throughout the day. This, in turn, causes weight gain. So, in reality, you will not necessarily lose all that much weight but rather prevent the new weight from forming.

Containing all natural ingredients that are both powerful and gentle it is a great way to cleanse your body of all toxins. It is designed to help improve your overall digestive health and at the same time to detoxify the body.

They do note one interesting point which is that when the supplement is used OCCASIONALLY it has the ability to help increase regularity as well as cleanse the body of toxins which are known to build up over time making you feel far more energetic.

Ingredients found in Luna Trim

The ingredients in a supplement are the key to understanding its effectiveness and if it is safe. Although this website does not offer much information aside from a mere list at least they do that much. I would have been much happier with a supplement facts sheet where I could see the amount of each ingredient in the supplement but this will have to do.


  • Senna Leaf
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Forskolin
  • Aloe Vera
  • Apple Fiber
  • Tamarind Extract
  • Date Fruit
  • Fig Fruit
  • Cranberry Juice Concentrate

I found it very interesting that rather than saying GarciniaCambogia they used the alternative name which is less popular, tamarind. Perhaps they don’t want it to be well known or focused on that it contains GarciniaCambogia with all of the scams online these days that contain it. Also, the combination of GarciniaCambogia with the rest of the ingredients seems relatively strange.

The ingredients, in general, are actually all considered relatively safe though it is important to remember that even with natural ingredients side effects are not only possible but common. Not all ingredients are well accepted by the body and some people can expect upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, and other side effects.

Another good point is that some of the ingredients have not been proven to be effective in properly cleansing the body or being of any benefit at all. As some are relatively new when it comes to using in supplements as well as relatively new in discovery there are very few researches done on them to confirm their effectiveness and safety so always stay on top of the way your body reacts.

The best advice I can give is to take down all of the ingredients and discuss it with your doctor explaining what the supplement is for. This way you can get a real professional opinion on whether you should take this supplement.

The official website does go on with some added information about the key ingredient Aloe Vera. It actually contains very important enzymes as well as other great plant compounds which have had benefits in aiding with digestion and improving the overall absorption of nutrients.

Who Should Consider Taking Luna Trim?

Deciding to take a cleansing supplement is difficult. It is scary to think what could come of it since there have been numerous horror stories of people not being able to stand up from the toilet for days. Considering the ingredients I actually would not be surprised if this should happen in this case as well. With that said a quality cleanser is always a good way to help give your body that refreshment boost it needs as today more and more we are eating unhealthy food and leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

Luna Trim can help if you have:

  • High cholesterol
  • Memory issues
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Occasional fatigue
  • Impaired digestion
  • Water retention
  • Poor metabolism
  • Weak immune system
  • Reduced fat oxidation
  • Bloating and stomach pains
  • Low energy
  • Poor absorption of minerals

These are all great and if the supplement really is effective I am certain that it would have been far more popular. Though I see how some of the ingredients could be beneficial in some cases for some of these symptoms I am worried that they have not provided any information about how this is possible. The range of symptoms is very wide which leads me to believe that it was more made up than realistic.

Where and How to Buy Luna Trim

So, one of the first things I do when I see a supplement online that has caught my attention is to try and find it in a store somewhere. I know all the popular stores in my area that sell just about any supplement there is on the market. I spent 2 days going from store to store to try and find this supplement but without any luck. I also tried Amazon and other trusted online supplement stores and had no luck there either.

I am bothered by several things when buying a supplement online and one of these things is actually their bad habit of bad advertisement. They claim that you get a free trial but it can be far from free. At the low price of $4.95 shipping and handling, they will send you a 30 day supply of the supplement. Of course, if you didn’t read the well-hidden into view terms you will think that great, full 30 day supply for shipping is a great deal. But unfortunately, if you have overlooked the terms you will realize that in fact even though you have a 30 day supply you actually get only 14 days to try the supplement. This means that you have 2-3 days for shipping and then start taking it, thus I the end is far less than 14 days. So, what happens is that once you pass the 14-day mark and do not cancel you will automatically be signed up for their membership program. This program claims to be in place for your convenience but it is far from that. You will be charged $82.61 for the trial bottle and after that every 30 days you will be charged $82.61 plus $4.95 shipping and handling until you call and cancel. Cost May Be individual at the time

What I personally found interesting was that in the actual website they discuss how when taken occasionally the supplement is effective, which leads me to believe that I should not be taking it every day as they later insist.

My Experience with Luna Trim

So, I actually considered ordering this supplement online but honestly, I got worried. I have ordered numerous supplements online but only once have I gotten stuck in an auto-ship program and boy was it difficult to get out of. I would not recommend you buy anything from any website where they offer a free membership. Or if so, make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid getting stuck in something that you don’t want to be stuck in.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to complete my review with a personal experience but I think the lack of is still good as I think it says a lot more than trying the supplement. I personally refuse to risk the possibility of my card being charged.

I found numerous reviews online about the supplement many of which were very negative. They actually didn’t really talk so much about the effectiveness of it but rather the ineffectiveness of their websites. Most of the individuals that got stuck with it actually did not read the terms and one woman was charged nearly $1000 for it over several months but she didn’t think to look at her account until it was way too late. While others were stuck with the supplement without any actual contact information on the website they initially ordered it from had disappeared.

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